Bad Bunny performs “Break Free” by Ariana Grande at Carpool Karaoke

Bad Bunny performs “Break Free” by Ariana Grande at Carpool Karaoke

Masked artist

Bad Bunny is currently an indispensable part of the Latin scene, and due to his massive popularity, he can no longer walk the streets normally. The latter could have been very different had he stuck with his initial plan to make Bad Bunny a masked character. “The first concept I thought of when I wanted to be an artist was the kind of artist who wears a mask to hide his identity.”He says. “I actually wanted to wear a bunny mask because I never felt the need to be famous, but at some point I just kind of went with the flow.

not jumpa

Bad Bunny is now so well known that he can announce a (free) performance at any time of the day drawing hundreds of people at any given time. In fact, this is exactly what he did while on vacation in his native Puerto Rico. All Bad Bunny tweets announcing that the party was on “La Jumpa, live today at 10 am”along with a Christmas tree and Puerto Rico flag emoji. “I don’t even know how many people showed up. We announced the show an hour ago.” The performance was eventually turned into part of the music video for not jumpawhich was filmed in Puerto Rico.

He hits

Obviously she won’t Carpool Karaoke If no hits are sung in the car. Bad Bunny and Corden sang along to the songs at the top of their lungs DukittyAnd Love her And Tete mi pregonto. The Puerto Rican artist has also done covers Liberation From Ariana Grande and as it was From Harry Styles.

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