Demi Lovato zag “een prachtige ufo” en brengt een documentaire uit over aliens

Watch Demi Lovato’s ‘Beautiful UFO’ and Release Documentary on Aliens

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The universe is infinite and wonderful. The idea of ​​aliens roaming around has been around for centuries, and scientists are also searching for planets where life might be possible. So far, no evidence of extraterrestrials has been found, but Lovato already claims to have contacted such a creature in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

In an interview with E! The news said Lovato in the Joshua Tree Desert “saw a blue ball about 50 feet away, maybe less. It flew about 3 or 4 meters above the ground, and it was kind of a distance away from me.”

luminous question mark

The former Disney star says they always felt alien life existed, but their reality is now forever changed: “It was a beautiful, wonderful experience that forever changed the way I looked at the world.”

Lovato has also seen a “massive light in the form of a question mark” appear in the sky in the past. Reason enough to release an “unknown” or “unspecified” documentary about aliens and extraterrestrial life. In four episodes, the American star, her sister and friend meet people kidnapped by extraterrestrials and other witnesses to extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, the documentary is currently only available in the United States.

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