Average five coronavirus cases in Eurovision Song Contest | عرض  civilization

Average five coronavirus cases in Eurovision Song Contest | عرض civilization

This works out to about five people on average per view. In addition, 13 other people in the nine shows were found to be infected during tests conducted before the five-day period expired. These people self-reported complaints to GGD, and thus were tested and found to be positive. But these injuries definitely occurred before the ESF visit.

At the time of the access test, these people were already contagious, but their virus had not yet been detected by the test that every visitor has to take. This infection definitely occurred before ESF and is therefore separate from the event.

This can be inferred from the numbers made available by the GGDs for the Fieldlab events. This relates only to Eurovision visitor numbers. The organization itself is expected to release numbers for crew, volunteers, journalists and delegation members later this month, Fieldlab announced Thursday.

In the Netherlands, in the period when the Eurovision Song Contest was held, an average of 4.9 out of every 1,000 people were infected. This was more than three times the number of infections among visitors to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nine shows

The Eurovision Song Contest was held from 17-22 May in Rotterdam Ahoy. During nine shows (six rehearsals, semi-finals and a final), a maximum of 3,500 visitors per show were allowed to attend under strict conditions. All visitors must be able to show a valid negative test receipt that is no more than 24 hours old upon entry. Before leaving the house, visitors received questions about their health via a special app.

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There was only a seated and seated audience, which limited the number of moments of contact. The audience was asked to come and leave as per the time schedules. Visitors were required to wear a mouth covering on their way to their place and when visiting the toilet.

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