At least five people were killed as a result of the floods that hit earthquake-prone Turkey

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In southeastern Turkey, five people died in floods in an earthquake-hit area about five weeks ago. At least five people are missing.

A person died in Tut district of Adiyaman province after dragging a container into a garden, He writes The official Turkish news agency Anadolu. Container house was provided for earthquake victims.

The Turkish rescue service AFAD reported that 136 millimeters of rain fell in the area in the past 24 hours. Three people have been reported missing.

drag along

In Sanliurfa province, also in the southeast of the country, four people have died from flooding, the rescue service said. Two civilians were reported missing.

The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority also said that 162 search and rescue personnel and 17 professional divers have been dispatched to the area. Pictures posted on social media show cars being towed across the water and people being rescued from the rapidly flowing water by pedestrians.

Earthquake area floods Turkey

In addition, you can see how the emergency tents that were erected after earthquakes to shelter civilians were flooded. Turkish news agency DHA also reported that the hospital’s emergency room was flooded. Patients have been evacuated.

container homes

Sanliurfa governor warns in a statement on Twitter for more floods. For this reason he called on all the citizens who lived on the ground floor and in cellars near riverbeds and canal beds to leave their homes.

People are now also living temporarily in container homes, in hotels along the coast, or with family and friends elsewhere in the country.

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