Argentina's "mysterious lung disease" is almost certainly caused by Legionella

Argentina’s “mysterious lung disease” is almost certainly caused by Legionella

Last week, the provincial health minister reported that the victims had “acute respiratory symptoms and double pneumonia”. The origin of the disease was unknown at the time. Initial tests showed that it was not Covid-19, hantavirus, or influenza A and B.

eleven infection

All infections, up to 11, occurred at a local private clinic. Among the victims are nurses from the clinic. Samples were taken from the victims and examined at the famous Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires. This institute has now achieved a positive result for Legionella bacteria.

Health Minister Carla Vizzotti gave an explanation today in San Miguel. She said that not all samples taken from the victims have been analyzed yet, so the diagnosis is not yet definitive.

Veterans’ disease

Legionella pneumophila is a bacteria that reproduces and spreads primarily through (warm) water systems that have not been cleaned or cleaned. Bacteria is also prevalent in air conditioners, for example. People who inhale bacteria in a bathroom or near a spray system can develop what’s called Legionnaires’ disease. This can lead to symptoms of influenza, but also to severe pneumonia with a fatal outcome.

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