Are most people liars?  That's what the science says

Are most people liars? That’s what the science says

A little white lie, we all do. But of course it comes down to how often you twist things here and there. Philosopher Christian B. Miller on our lying behavior and answers the question: Are most people liars? This is why scientific research is listed. Science has recently proven this What is the best time to make love.

Philosopher Christian B. Miller A closer look at our mendacious behavior toward the American Psychology Today. He begins his essay with the question: How many lies have I told in the last 24 hours? Then comes a follow-up question: Is your answer higher, lower, or similar to what others would say about your lying behavior?

How many times do we lie in one day?

He cites several scientific studies to substantiate his claim. including that Search Which shows how many times a day people lie. And guess what? We lie once or twice a day.

But Miller delves deeper into the running issue of “untruth”. New study. For this, the participants had to report their lies every day for three months. 632 American students were surveyed for 91 days. The main question is: how many times have I lied today?

Are people honest or lying according to science

And what did the researchers discover? These scientists also came to the conclusion that people lie on average twice a day. Where the lowest is 0 lies and the highest is, wait, 200 lies a day. Only two of the participants claimed that they did not lie once every three months. But yeah, didn’t they just lie about that?

The researchers divided the participants into three groups:

  1. Honorable Mention: Lie 0 to 2 times a day
  2. average liar: Lying 3 to 5 times a day
  3. Frequent liars: Lie more than 6 times a day

The question now is, to which group do most of the participants belong? The results are reassuring. Because 74.7 percent of the participants fall into the category of “honest people,” 19.6 percent can call themselves average liars and only 5.7 percent lie regularly.

conclusions from the research

But there were more conclusions about false content in humans:

  • Lying is rare compared to honest communication.
  • Most people are honest.
  • the lie distribution is positively skewed;
  • Most lies are told by a few active liars.
  • Lying depends on the situation.

So you can assume that most people speak the truth in a big crowd. But then, of course, the trick is to identify a repeat liar.

Critical side note

As a critical note, the philosopher points out that the research is not representative of all ages or population groups, but is limited to a group of American students. In addition, the sincerity of the participants is always questionable. In addition, the term “honesty” is a broader concept than simply telling lies.

We have judged adulterers, but why does a person commit adultery?

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Are most people liars? That’s what the science says

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