British coronavirus outbreak in nursing home Brunssum |  1 Limburg

British coronavirus outbreak in nursing home Brunssum | 1 Limburg

Seventeen residents of the Emmastaete nursing home in Brunssum have been infected with the Coronavirus. Since Tuesday, four residents have died due to the consequences.

This confirms Chairman Kina Koster of the Cicero Care Group, which includes Emmastaete, to 1Limburg.

British variant
The seventeen residents who were injured belonged to the same community. The British variant of the coronavirus was diagnosed in two populations. This may also be the case with other residents.

In other sections of Emmastaete, four other residents have been tested for coronavirus. It also emerged that seventeen employees had the virus among their members.

The source of the infection is unknown
Coaster says he’s still guessing why. “There is a lot of confusion in the nursing home. You look at the person with the first complaints, but that doesn’t guarantee that he’s the source of the infection either.”

Residents have already received their first vaccination. They were vaccinated two weeks ago at the end of January. Coaster: “No one showed any symptoms at that time. Residents started showing symptoms only later. They were stiff and cold. The symptoms lasted for so long that it could no longer be a side effect of the vaccine. Then the site manager decided to contact the residents.” Test it. “

Coaster is pleased that the site manager has engaged GGD to conduct an investigation. “The outbreak was very large and happened very quickly, and that was not true. Now it appears that we are dealing with the British alternative.”

Corona measures have not abated
Coaster says that after the first vaccination, people do not become completely immune. So we did not relax all Corona measures. “According to Custer, those infected now can only get a second shot later. That was on the agenda for two weeks from now. There is now a two-week delay on top of that.

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The nursing home in Brunssum is not isolated from the outside world. Residents can decide for themselves whether they want to receive visitors. When doing this, all safety measures must be observed. “You don’t want to make these people feel lonely,” says Koster. “We locked up for three months last year. It caused a lot of human suffering and we don’t want to try that again.”

Emmastaete is built on the site of the former Emma Mine and opened in 2006. Nearly 80 elderly people live in a nursing home.

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