Apple will decline apps that charge exorbitant rates for in-app purchases – tablets and phones – news

Apple has started rejecting apps in the app store that are charging steep prices for in-app purchases and subscriptions. Going forward, developers charging “unreasonably high prices” on the App Store will have to adjust their rates or offer more value in the app.

Developer Received this week An email from Apple stating that its app is no longer allowed in the App Store because it will charge in excess for in-app subscriptions. In the email received by the developer, Apple states that the prices used must be in line with the product’s value. According to Apple, the developer can either adjust their prices or make their app more valuable to the user.

This new rules app on the App Store follows developer Kosta Eleftheriou Early this month He revealed that his own app and many other apps in the App Store are being actively cloned by fraudsters to later steal unsuspecting users by charging high prices on in-app purchases.

The methods used to defraud the clients According to Eletherio Always the same: They buy wrong reviews, steal, use original marketing materials, and charge high prices for in-app purchases or in-app subscriptions for unsuspecting customers. On Twitter Eletherio showed His app, FlickType, is on the app store and several other developers have fallen victim to these rogue practices.

Soon after Eleftherious sent Twitter messages to Apple Statement to The Verge The company stated that it is extensively investigating reported fraud cases on the App Store. The company also argued that by 2020, it had removed more than 500,000 developer accounts associated with fraud issues and had managed to clear more than 60 million fake user reviews from the App Store.

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