Anton is most popular on Spotify in the Netherlands, and Bad Bunny again all over the world

Anton is most popular on Spotify in the Netherlands, and Bad Bunny again all over the world


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Dutch singer Anton is the most streamed artist on Spotify this year in the Netherlands. Anton has hits in 2022 with Welcome And the Oliviaand thus was more popular than foreign artists such as Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd, who took second and third places.

Canadian rapper Drake and French DJ David Guetta finished fourth and fifth in the Netherlands. The Swedish Broadcasting Service announced this today, without mentioning exact listening numbers.

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny leads the list of the most streamed artists worldwide, followed by American singer Taylor Swift and again Drake and The Weeknd. South Korean pop group BTS completes the top five. Bad Bunny has also been at No. 1 worldwide for the past two years.

the number flight path Kris Kross Amsterdam, with Antoon and Sigourney K, became the most streamed song in the Netherlands this year. Harry Styles stands with as it was second f You did it From MEAU completes the top 3. Figure as it was It was most popular all over the world.

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Last year, more Dutch artists than foreigners were in the top 20 in the Netherlands: 11 against 9. The top 20 most listened songs contained 12 songs by Dutch artists.

Most of them listened to artists in the Netherlands

1. Anthony
2- Ed Sheeran
3. The Weeknd
4. Drake
5- David Guetta

Most of the songs I listened to in the Netherlands

Artist number
1. Chris Cross Amsterdam, Anton and Sigourney K emergency lane
2. Harry Styles as it was
3.MEAU you did
4. James Hype Ferrari
5. Christian D Amsterdam

Most listened artists in the world

1. Bad Bunny
2- Taylor Swift
3. Drake
4. The Weeknd

Most of them have listened to the songs in the world

Artist number
1. Harry Styles as it was
2- Vitreous animals heat waves
3. Baby Laroy and Justin Bieber Spends
4. Bad Bunny Lee Puerto Bonito
5. Bad Bunny Tete mi pregonto

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