MAFS’s Gerben has lost seven kilograms: ‘Very happy about that’ |  RTL Street

MAFS’s Gerben has lost seven kilograms: ‘Very happy about that’ | RTL Street

Gerben Vereggen did not find love in Married At First Sight, but he saw in it a beautiful process through which he was able to work a lot on himself. And he continued to do so happily after the TV show: he lost a lot of weight in a short time.

“The results are amazing”

He proudly shares on Instagram that he has lost a few kilos. “A month ago I started paying attention to my diet again. The result is amazing: 7.1 kilograms lighter. Very happy about it,” he writes on Instagram.

And his followers are excited, too. “Smart of you,” someone writes. Another says: “You look great.” Some people comment that they also think Gerben was “beautiful” and “handsome” when he still weighed seven kilograms.

This is not the first time Gerben has lost weight. in Married at first sight Talk openly about the fight against kilos. For example, he noted on a TV show that he was much heavier, and he was still unsure about that.

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Gerben was accepted Married at first sight They were paired with Eric, but in the end it turned out that the two were not a match. Gerben previously said that since his participation, he has received many messages from men interested in him. He hasn’t found love yet. “I’m open to it again when the time comes,” he said earlier.

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