Anouk Vetter misses the gold medal at the World Championships in Athletics |  sports

Anouk Vetter misses the gold medal at the World Championships in Athletics | sports

Vetter had her best sevens ever at Hayward Field and earned 6,867 points after the seven parts. This was a huge improvement over her Dutch record (6,693 points).

It is Arnhem’s fourth medal in a major tournament. She became the European champion in Amsterdam in 2016, won the bronze medal at the 2017 World Cup and especially surprised last summer with the silver at the Olympics.

Thiam Al-Sibai led in Eugene from the first part, the 100-meter hurdles. Vetter climbed to second place after the third part, and he fired the shot, and Thiam replaced the first place after the sixth part, javelin throwing.

At the 800m, her weakest track, Vetter failed to maintain the lead on small points. Thiam ran 800 meters too fast for that. The Belgian had his personal best at 2.13.00, while Vetter stopped at 2.20.09. In the final score, Thiam came out at 6,947 points.


American Anna Hall won the bronze with a score of 6,755 points. Emma Ostrogel, a bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, finished seventh with 6,440 points, well below her personal best of 6,590.

It was still exciting for the 29-year-old Vetter to compete in the World Cup, because a hamstring injury occurred after the seven-race race at Gotzes at the end of May. “A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t do a quick workout and I started to feel a little anxious,” Vetter said on Sunday after the first day.

pain free

Her body was right. Once in America, her body was free of pain and she could do everything again. Even Vetter was in the shape of her life. She started the 100m hurdles with a power of 13.30, jumped very high (1.80), excelled with a personal best shot (16.25), ran in the 200m to 23.73, set a personal best in the long jump with 6.52 and threw the javelin the farthest from 58.29.

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I got down to the 800m, the track you hate and would rather skip. She may have gone deeper than ever, crossing the finish line 7 seconds after Thiam, when she should only have passed 1.5 seconds if she wanted to win the gold.

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