IOC suspends Guatemala, India issues ultimatum

IOC suspends Guatemala, India issues ultimatum

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended Guatemala’s membership. According to the International Olympic Committee, the Central American National Committee does not operate according to the rules of the Olympic Manifesto. As a result, athletes from Guatemala are not allowed to participate in international events under the name and flag of their country at this time. Guatemala will not receive any financial support during the suspension period.

India received a final warning from the International Olympic Committee during the board meeting in Lausanne. And the board members decided to postpone the session of the International Olympic Committee scheduled for May 2023 in the Indian city of Mumbai, in order to put pressure on India. That country’s Olympic Committee must hold board elections and resolve internal issues as quickly as possible, or the IOC will look for another venue for the Grand Assembly next year. India hosted the last IOC Games in New Delhi in 1986.

The IOC Board of Directors remains concerned about the situation at the International Boxing Federation (IBA), due in part to the IBA’s financial dependence on Russian natural gas company Gazprom. According to the International Olympic Committee, the boxing federation does little to solve internal problems.

Boris van der West, president of the Dutch Boxing Association, wants to become president of the International Boxing Association. However, it was suspended in May just before the elections. Van der West successfully appealed to the CAS. The International Bar Association decides at a special conference whether there will be new elections. The International Olympic Committee threatens to cancel boxing as an Olympic sport after the 2024 Paris Olympics. Boxing is currently not scheduled for Los Angeles 2028.

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