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Google will introduce an Android restriction in May that restricts apps from discovering other apps a user has installed on their smartphones.

Google is restricting query_all_packages to Android apps as of May 5th, so Company reports. In practical terms, the step means that Android apps can only request other apps installed on a user’s device if this is necessary for that app’s core functions.

Apps that do not comply, but are using query_all_packages, will need to amend their statement to comply with the changed Google Play policy. Otherwise, developers risk removing the app. Only Android apps based on API level 30 or higher, targeting devices with Android 11 or higher, can be allowed to use query_all_packages. Starting in November 2021, new apps in Google Play must target Android 11 to be allowed in the download store.

Google is implementing the change because it considers the installed apps personal and sensitive information and wants to better protect users’ privacy in this area.

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