Millions watched a debate about the squads: “ We shouted on TV! ”

Millions watched a debate about the squads: “ We shouted on TV! ”

Gueb Brigdy (33 years old), from Harlem

“Yesterday I was just working, and I watched with eyes what was happening. Usually I don’t see discussions much, because they are repeating the movements and very sticky. But now it is very unexpected and there is a lot going on in our country, which is why I got on board from about 9 pm and watched until the end .

My confidence in Rota was fairly high, and I think he is a capable prime minister. Especially because of the way he drove during the recent Corona pandemic. But I always learned: no lie is permissible. Doing that and then thinking over and over again about getting rid of it and moving it into “amnesia” I find anxiety. This is unbelievable and therefore does not create confidence.

What surprised me the most was the number of parties that supported the recall proposal and how much damage Rutte was doing from the debate. They still had to come together and carry on with each other. It will be very difficult to form the cabinet.

Although I don’t watch the discussions very often, I managed to follow them very well last night. I just had to know what the consequences of the rejection movement were, otherwise I know how it all works.

I don’t intend to see more discussions at the moment, but if it’s interesting often, I might. ”

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