An Indian official drains the water tank to find the phone

An Indian official drains the water tank to find the phone

A man walks on dry land during last year’s heat wave in India.Image Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Vishwas, a food inspector, went to the reservoir in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh with some friends. When he wanted to take a selfie, he threw his new device, which cost him more than 1,100 euros, meters deep into the water.

Some villagers jumped into the water trying to get the thing for the Vishwas, but when that didn’t work, the man decided to hire a pump and pump out the water. He declares that he has obtained verbal permission for this from the responsible authorities. In a statement, Vishwas said they said it would be beneficial for farmers in the area. However, the authorities deny that they granted such permission.

After four days of continuous pumping, about two million liters of water disappeared from the reservoir – enough to irrigate 600 hectares of arable land. The pump was only shut down when a water department official came to investigate after a complaint.

Vishwas is suspended until the investigation of the matter is completed. “Water is an essential resource that should not be wasted in this way,” Priyanka Shukla, from the area where the reservoir is located, told the Indian newspaper. the National. India is currently experiencing extremely high temperatures.

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According to Vishwas, the media is “inflating” the issue. He says in the newspaper Indian Express The water was not usable at all. He also finds his phone, but it shatters after four days in the water.

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