There is no cell for the Belgian policeman who shot a young child |  Abroad

There is no cell for the Belgian policeman who shot a young child | Abroad

Nearly three years ago, the agent tried to force a pickup truck that people smugglers wanted to take, two-year-old Mawda and her family to the UK to stop. The shot he fired, he said, to puncture a front tire, was fatal to the girl.

The court found that the policeman should not have fired. His mistake directly resulted in the death of Mawada, and thus he committed an unintentional murder, similar to the Dutch willful killing. According to the court, this happened by chance. The officer never denied the shooting nor did he deviate from his interpretation of his intentions.

The truck driver was sentenced to four years in prison. A second suspect was released in the truck due to insufficient evidence.

Mawadda’s parents are allowed to stay in Belgium, it was announced earlier today. They did not have to return home until the lawsuit ended. But they have now also obtained a permanent residence permit.

This is “normal”, says Belgian Minister of State Sami Mahdi. These parents have experienced trauma. Their child is buried here. Sometimes, you don’t have to understand all of a parent’s choices until they find peace. ”The Mahdi wants to give the family“ comfort and peace to mourn in peace. ”

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