An American loses 26 kg after 100 days of eating McDonald’s, three times a day

An American loses 26 kg after 100 days of eating McDonald’s, three times a day

On social media, the Nashville resident has been talking about his unorthodox diet in recent months. In February, he weighed 108 kilograms, as he said in a video blog: “And this is absolutely unacceptable. That’s why I went to McDonald’s. I won’t eat anything else for a hundred days.”

To add directly to this: “I will not eat all that they give me, I will take half of the meals.” On the 91st, the American laughed in one of his videos: “If we fill up with more gasoline than can fit in the tank, it will end up in our hips.”

When the diet ended last week, Maginnis was a guest The Today Show on NBC. There, he said, he didn’t eat any snacks between three fast food half meals. “I ate everything on the menu. Quarter Pounders, Big Macs, everything. Medium meals, with fries.” He did not drink soft drinks. “No water.”

Don’t be sour

Well-dressed and with a very modest belly, Maginnis says his cholesterol levels have dropped. Further: “I used to suffer from prediabetes (a precursor to type 2 diabetes) and now my values ​​are healthy.”

Although the American, which went viral on social media, looks like a walking advertisement for McDonald’s, he says he has no ties or agreement with the fast food chain. For those who are overweight, he creates the following simple “formula”: “With half servings you lose weight, with three quarters servings you keep your weight off. No matter what you eat.”

So why did he choose this particular food? “I was a tough guy and my last name was Maginnis. People called me Big Mag.”

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