America’s most polarized politician is the most famous

America’s most polarized politician is the most famous

  • Republican politician Marjorie Taylor is one of the most polarizing new politicians in Green Congress.
  • He believes in QAnon’s conspiracy theory, supported Trump when he claimed to have won the election, and has been barred from committees of inquiry by the House of Representatives.
  • Yet the politician is popular among Republican voters.

Marjorie Taylor Green has created an extraordinary reputation for a new Republican politician who represents only a small district in the US state of Georgia.

He won a seat in the US Congress for a month, but is already the source of a lot of political buzz.

For example, he fired for his contacts with the conspiracy theory movement QAnon, journalists found old social media reports forgiving violence against Democrats and denied him the right to participate in special council commissions.

In the midst of all the scandals Greene has been embroiled in, our colleagues from the American edition of Business Insider spoke with Greene’s Republican and Democratic counterparts about how he was first elected, how his members feel about the media attention he is receiving and the chance for re-election.

One of the most republican parties in the country

Georgia’s 14th district, in which Green is a representative, is mostly white and rural, with most residents having only a high school education. The average household income is $ 10,000 less than the average.

The district is considered one of the most loyal Republicans in the United States. Local Republican leader Luke Martin says voters in the district will only vote for conservative candidates who are pro-gun and anti-abortion, tax or government intervention.

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Photo: Tomaso Bodi / Getty Images for MoveOn

Green District is known as the ‘Carpet Capital’ of the United States. Almost everyone works in factories affiliated with this industry.

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The outbreak of the corona virus has hit the sector particularly hard, but even before the epidemic, the district was already experiencing a decline in jobs due to automation and outsourcing, causing stress among the working class in the region.

“They are not allowed to form a union. They see production going overseas and at the national level. They think only the rights of black people are being discussed. They feel defeated, but no one is standing up for them,” explains local Democrat David Boyle. , Marjorie Taylor Green responds wisely. ”

Odd man out

Boyle describes the Green District as a typical working class community that has not traditionally been served by foreigners.

“So, interestingly,” a wealthy businessman from the Atlanta suburbs went to the district and was later selected. “

Green, co-owner of a construction company started by Jim Founder and his father, moved from Atlanta to Rome, Georgia in 2019. He had no experience in political office at the time.

Martin, the leader of the local Republican Party, says he does not know how well Green will perform for his first campaign. “But he is well versed in the campaign and uses his external position to his advantage,” he says.

What voters want about Green is that he resembles Trump, who was popular in the district. “She’s a On your face Type and people here like it, ”said Tim Schifflet, the district’s Democrat leader. “They like her because they like Donald Trump.”

Photo: AP Photo / Brian Anderson

“During the last election, the Republicans’ question was, ‘What kind of conservatism do you like? Someone who stands with the Democrats or someone who goes there to make friends?'” Martin, one of the local Republican leaders, said: Branded a militant. “

“Green’s campaign included the slogan ‘Save America, Stop Socialism,’ and the message got stuck with conservatives in northwest Georgia,” said Darrell Galloway, Republican leader for Green’s County.

“This excessive conservatism helped the ‘hardcore’ Republicans win,” said Vincent Olszewski, the campaign leader of Green’s Democrats in the election.

Marjorie Taylor Green4
Photo: Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images, Inc.

In such a largely Republican district, Green was the obvious winner for a seat in the House of Representatives. Things got even easier for her when she withdrew from her Democratic challenge contest in September.

There is support despite the scandals

It’s hard to say what Green’s voters think of her now. Shiflet, one of Green’s district Democrats, says the majority of Republicans support Green despite all the corruption.

But Martin, one of the Republicans in the district, said some of his fans “have come to support him more than ever,” and many voters are “not disappointed or happy with the negative attention he’s receiving now. They want her to come to work.”

According to Darrell Galloway, one of the Republican leaders in the district, he receives regular calls from voters who do not vote for Green, but want to let them know that they are happy with his actions.

Marjorie Taylor Green3
Photo: Salvan Georges via Getty Images / The Washington Post

Chances of re-election

Green will have to defend his place next November, and his active conservatism makes him a target for both Democrats and Republicans.

“I’m sure he’s going to be in a fierce primary war by 2022,” said Martin, a local Republican. But Galloway, the other Republican leader in the district, did not see the opportunity to remove Green from office. “Now that things stand, she’s very difficult to win because her voters support her unconditionally.”

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