‘I lived and studied in the United States for a year and a half. Er … – de Cui

'I lived and studied in the United States for a year and a half.  Er ... - de Cui

Is he in the top section with Hussain again next season or is that the question?

“I do not know yet. I’m working with my boss. It’s not entirely clear when I will finish it. Once I finish it, I will stay in the Netherlands. But by then, if I come here, I will play volleyball in Hoyson.”

Can you be the top favorite or the best in the game of volleyball?

“I’ll be number one in terms of training, I think. But I’m not a player yet, I think I’m not winning enough prizes yet.

America or the Netherlands?

“The Netherlands. Life here is good. I’ve lived and studied in the United States for a year and a half. A lot of things go wrong there, for example when it comes to health care and study. But I want to go there one day, you know.”

Von Picard or Johnson?

“Haha, I’m so proud of my name, Johnson feels a little bored every day. The origin of my surname is very close to Vriesenveen. The ‘van’ in the name means I am classic. ”

Orange or fantastic research for the Olympics?

“I choose that research anyway. I wish I had won the Nobel Prize. But the question is: if it was ground research or winning gold in the Olympics with the Orange, I would have chosen the latter. As an athlete, this is the highest achievement. “

A crack bowler or a quiet admirer?

“Pacer. At least, I think this is me. I like humor and a little excitement. You will not easily see that I am still sitting in a corner. ”

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Do you feel like playing volleyball again or is it too bad?

“I was worried about not having volleyball earlier this year. I’m fine now, and of course I feel like playing in tournaments again.”

Mark Rutte or Jesse Clover?

“No, those men are not appealing to me. When attracting people, make me Herman Fingers. ”

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