Fleur van den Berg (Foto: RTV Oost)

American dream: Fleur is going to play football in America

Fleur will transfer to Mobile University in the US state of Alabama next season. Through Global Sport and Study, he came in contact with the “Rams” coach. After being called a few times, about Florin’s standards and his career, he went to university and received a full scholarship.

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Fleur started playing football at a young age. After he stopped gymnastics at the age of 7, he started playing football with a boys team. When he was 13, Fleur left for a women’s team, after which he also changed positions because he became a goalkeeper. She now plays for the women’s first team at Orange NASA in Almelo and trains weekly with FC Twente’s youth.

The level of women’s football in the United States is very high

Flor van den Berg

Flor is not the only one who wants to play in the United States. “The status of women’s football in the United States is very high. I thought to myself why not. After doing some research I ended up in a place called Global Sport and Study.” Trainers can then offer the full scholarship just like Flor.

Very serious

Fleur not only goes to the United States for his studies: “I really go for football, but also for experience. I think it will have a lot of positive impact on my social skills and things like that. “The Netherlands is really a lot behind the United States,” Fleur said. “There is a lot more training in the United States than there is here. Most teams are on the field every day, and there is already a high level four times a week. It is much more serious than the Netherlands. “

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