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America targets tax havens: this is what it means to Dutch Zuidas

If it were up to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, there would be a global minimum tax for multinationals. With this, the Minister wants to prevent companies from going for taxation, thus making governments lose revenue. That plan has repercussions for Dutch Zuidas, see PVDA MEP Bal Tong and NRC Reporter Pass Blogger Foreign Office.

U.S. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz compared Yellen’s plan to the Paris climate deal, but then before the lines. “Rich multinationals think that any country can steal business from others by cutting taxes, benefiting only the grassroots from that race,” he said. Stiglitz.

The United States is targeting tax havens

According to Boss Blogger, it is logical that the United States will bring this plan. “Joe Biden has unveiled a major infrastructure project that will cost about 9 1,900 billion.” In doing so, Biden wants to update America’s infrastructure and tackle climate change.

That money has to come from somewhere. “So they raise taxes for companies, but then the United States doesn’t go out with the most developed countries. That’s why they want to control this internationally.”

U.S. on the table again

PvdA MEP Paul Tong thinks the news is good. “I am pleased with the development, which means the United States is back at the negotiating table with the choice of Python.”

After all, an international tax plan has already been negotiated. “The talks have been going on for a while, but were actually blocked by Trump. Obama is not coming either. Now the United States is back and has good intentions,” the MEP said.

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The end of the tax haven

Tang believes the plan could end tax havens and letterbox companies in Juidas. “Yeah, that would be nice.” In addition, according to the MEP, companies are actually about paying taxes. “When that happens, it will create a different world.”

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