'America raises bitcoin, 3 to 58,300, new record coming?'

‘America raises bitcoin, 3 to 58,300, new record coming?’

In Korskijken, John van Meer passes with you the bitcoin (PTC) rate. In technical analysis he provides insights into price and potential scenarios. We discuss the current state of prices based on the charts, but we also look forward to it.

The price of a bitcoin is currently 59,500.47USD. This is a change of 2.02% in the last 24 hours.

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Disclaimer: This video contains no financial advice and is designed for educational purposes only.

Bitcoin (PTC) analysis

In the video above, John Bitcoin in Koyerskijkan discusses the multiple deadlines for pricing. He concludes:

“The Bears were testing the lower limit yesterday, but the FED’s news gave a good bump to the price.


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John van Mir

From Bitcoin Advisor, John Van Mir has been educating the general public about cryptocurrency for many years through webinars, seminars and online courses. His Online business course He will teach you how to read charts and introduce you to the tools you use to trade!

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