Volkswagen News: Shortcut from South America

Volkswagen News: Shortcut from South America

Volkswagen News originally aimed only at the South American and Mexican markets, but this model now drives across the Atlantic Ocean on our European roads. The crossover is located on the MQB-A0 operating system and is a relative of Volkswagen Dykon in India. News mainly refers to Eastern Europe.

Sporty crossover

It looks a bit more sporty than the T-Cross, which its division shares, with a low and streamlined coupe-style roof. Still, the News is slightly longer and wider than the T-Cross. It takes some styling notes from other smaller Volkswagen models, including the dual-side Bleed, which is also found on the Polo, for example. The Nevas is 4.27m long, 1.78m wide and 1.49m high and has a 415-liter opening space, 30 liters larger than the D-Cross. However, given the indoor space of 2,566 meters similar wheelbase, the latter should be compared with the latter.

We still do not know what technology will come under this ‘new’ model which is rumored to be called ‘T-Sport’. It is already known that he shares his multimedia system with his European relatives with a 10-inch screen and integrated internet connection. In Latin America it has an adaptive travel control, emergency brake assistant, fatigue recognition and 6 airbags. Additionally, keyless entry and a digital dashboard are provided.

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