Ambassador Trente has invited students to come to America.  “We need not only young people from the Randstad, but also from the province”

Ambassador Trente has invited students to come to America. “We need not only young people from the Randstad, but also from the province”

The United States ambassador encourages Trente students to participate in his country's exchange programs. “Mainly young people from the Randstad use it, but we also like students from the province.”

In such an exchange, Dutch youth attend a high school. To get a taste of American life, master the language and excel in sports like basketball.

Shefali Rustan Dugal, the US representative to our country since 2022, made his appeal during a two-day visit to Trento. Dr. According to the ambassador, Nassau College in Assen responded enthusiastically to his specific invitation on Wednesday morning.

'Trente is one big family'

Drenthe is the eighth province visited by Razdan Duggal as a comprehensive introduction to the Netherlands. “I also like to know what's happening outside the big cities of the Netherlands. It seems to me that Trento, as a sparsely populated province, acts like a big family. Whether it's students or entrepreneurs, everyone is looking for connections with each other. It's good to see.”

He was impressed by his visit to the Westerborg camp on Tuesday. “It was deeply moving. It's so important to keep this terrible history alive.

The Promised Land

On Wednesday afternoon, at the de Genner memorial in Slane's old town hall, he built a new life in memory of many who moved to America in the mid-nineteenth century. From Slein and Noord-Slein alone, 61 departed for the Promised Land.

Rustan Dukal can well imagine this migration. When she was two years old her parents immigrated from India to America in search of a better life. “Just like the people here at the time. My parents had nothing when they came to America. No money for proper jobs, no trolleys. They had to do everything themselves. I am living proof that you can get those opportunities in America. You don't need perfect links to get ahead. Look at me!”

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Biden and Trump

As a Democrat, he enthusiastically supported the campaign of current President Joe Biden. But now that he is an ambassador, he has shed his political jacket. How does he see the November elections now that Trump is once again a serious contender? “I represent my entire country,” she smiles diplomatically.

“Oliebollen, where have you been all this time?” A self-confessed sweet tooth sighed at X once. She found it hard to say no to a dollop of whipped cream in her coffee at the Herman Schepers bakery in Sleen. But the breadmaker's specialty Trente Beet was the winner. “Delicious.”

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