Amazon Prime Video added these 5 new movies last week

Amazon Prime Video added these 5 new movies last week

It’s been a great week on Amazon Prime Video this week. Today we are listing all the new additions for you.

Untitled horror movie (2021)

Director: Nick Simon | spit: Luke PinesAnd the Darren BarnettAnd the Timothy GrenadiersAnd the Holt

With their hit TV show canceled, six actors decide to shoot their own horror movie, inadvertently conjuring up a ghost with a violent no land (2016)

Director: Damien Chazelle | spit: Ryan GoslingAnd the Emma StoneAnd the Amy KonAnd the Terry Walters

Sebastian and Mia are approached by a common desire: to do what they love. When success looms, the couple faces choices that shake their relationship and put their dreams on the line.

Trolls (2016)

Director: Walt DohernAnd the Mike Mitchell | spit: Anna KendrickAnd the Justin TimberlakeAnd the Zooey DeschanelAnd the Christopher Mintz Plus

Trolls transports the audience to a colorful and wonderful world, where overly optimistic trolls live. They dance and sing constantly and are the exact opposite of the pessimistic Bergens. They are only happy when they have a dwarf in their stomach. After Bergens invades the village of Troll, Bobby is born, who is arguably the happiest dwarf ever. Together with the overly cautious branch, they embark on a journey to save their friends.

Trolls World Tour (2020)

Director: Walt DohernAnd the David B. Smith | spit: Anna KendrickAnd the Justin TimberlakeAnd the Rachel BloomAnd the James Corden

Trolls World Tour is the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s hit movie Trolls (Partner, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda). In a fun and colorful adventure that takes them further than ever, Poppy and Branch make a major discovery. They are part of six different troll tribes with very different music styles: funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock. Their world is about to get much bigger, but also louder and more musical.

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Mary J Blige in my life (2021)

Director: Vanessa Roth | spit: Mary J BligeAnd the Sean B. Diddy CombsAnd the Andre HarelAnd the traji b. Henson

Twenty-five years ago, Mary J. Blige released the album My Life. At the time, she was dealing with a lot of personal issues, which she was able to use to create a beloved and celebrated emotional masterpiece. Now Blige is looking at this music and the woman she was then… and who she is now.

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