Ex-girlfriend Britney Spears: 'They took it right on her body' |  gossip

Ex-girlfriend Britney Spears: ‘They took it right on her body’ | gossip

The anonymous ex-boyfriend says he wants to testify in court, if necessary. He said this in response to the words Britney spoke last Wednesday during a hearing in which she hopes to remove her father from guardianship he has enjoyed since 2008. Britney’s ex-husband was particularly angry with her attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, because he stated in court that “that Britney has never asked for guardianship to be dissolved.”

“This is complete nonsense, I asked him four to five times a week to finish this and then they always gave her some kind of ‘nonsense’ excuse. Her lawyer said she didn’t ask for it ‘formally’, but how can you address something like this more formally than asking five times? A week? A lot of injustice has been done to Britney and I hope with all my heart that she will sue her entire family. This is not to make up for the years I have known so much suffering, but it is still a kind of compensation. And if it comes to that, I will definitely tell my story in court to support her. and free her from this torture.”

The ex-boyfriend, who has been with Britney for about two years, says her life has been overshadowed by running fairs. “When I was with her, she was allowed to have her own phone and I could also drive her in my car, which her current boyfriend apparently doesn’t like, based on what Britney said in court. Also, I didn’t know she had an IUD in her, I thought she was on The pill because she had several shows in Las Vegas and it wouldn’t be easy to get pregnant because of it. Now that I know what really happened, I’m tired of it for days. They have deprived her of her right to her body and this should be punished severely.”

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