Alarm bells are ringing at SBS Shownieuws

Alarm bells are ringing at SBS Shownieuws

The Sunday broadcast of SBS Shownieuws was completely spoiled by the alarm that was constantly going off. Both the presenter and the experts, including Patty Braard, Evert Santiguids and Frits Hafnagel, didn’t know what was going on: but the irritating sound moved to the marrow live.

The theme of Bradd, who was with singer Douwe Bob on his party boat, wasn’t clear. Also during the broadcast, because of the unknown jammer, people laughed at it, but the problem was not solved.

Manuel Winderbos, the provider, remained calm. He said at the talk show stand that it wasn’t life threatening. It sounded like there was a fire alarm, but what exactly was going on remained shrouded in mystery.

The viewer’s attention was completely distracted by the creak. In addition to the Bradd theme, the Eurovision Song Contest review also went wrong. Huffnagel appears to be on the supervisory board of AVROTROS, he said. It’s not clear if the hard nuts have been cracked about Mia and Dion’s demise. They only reached the semi-finals in Liverpool with a bad result. They finished third last.

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