Air Europa has been serving South America for 37 years

Air Europa has been serving South America for 37 years

Whether you want to fly to Colombia, Peru, Argentina or the Dominican Republic, Air Europa can take you safely and quickly to many destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Many destinations in Spain are also served, including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Flying towards a sustainable future

Over the past two years, Air Europa has embarked on a complete fleet renewal consisting entirely of Boeing 787 Dreamliners and the Boeing 737 MAX. These planes excel in longevity. Less fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions, less noise pollution to the environment, up to 34% and 60% less respectively.

We have a long history of reducing emissions from aircraft, reducing plastic, increasing natural resources and waste management. Each brings changes, which is why we work with the company's employees every day to achieve a sustainable future with everyone's involvement.

You decide! Wide range of rates

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs, which is why we give your customers the choice to decide for themselves what to include and what not to include. Different fares (fare families) and services including personalized menus, special seating options, WiFi bundles, more or less luggage or priority boarding. All these services can be booked in advance, the choice is up to the customer: you decide.


We are not only available for individual travelers, but our team at Schiphol is also available for your group requests. If you have at least 10 people traveling, send us your request for a competitive offer.

Contact: [email protected]

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