U.S. police 'frustrated': Missing woman's partner (22) now without a trace

U.S. police ‘frustrated’: Missing woman’s partner (22) now without a trace

Although she was not listed as a suspect in the case, North Port, Florida police would have wanted to talk to her about her missing fianc.

Returned without a partner

The two were in their camp in July Departed for the US tour, Reports the BBC. On September 1, the laundry returned – without his partner KP. His family later complained to the police that he was missing. Yesterday, Laundry’s relatives announced they had not seen him since last Tuesday.

On social media, the two reported in detail about their experiences during their trip:

Police say in a statement that they were “frustrated” by the course of events. This irritation seems to have mainly arisen because the laundry family only wanted to contact the police yesterday. “We are not currently investigating a crime, but in the case of several missing persons,” police said.

Gabriel Petito’s friends gathered at the laundry house yesterday and asked, “Where’s the coffee?” His family has been told by a lawyer that they do not believe Brian Laundry was actually missing. “He’s hidden.”


In mid-August, Utah police apparently spotted a camper van of two men arriving in Moab at the time. Possible argument has been reported. Police advised the couple to sleep alone one night.

A week later, the two posted another video on YouTube with a travel article. The video has since been viewed more than 1.7 million times:

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