After the United States, Canada now brands Uyghurs' Chinese treatment as genocide

After the United States, Canada now brands Uyghurs’ Chinese treatment as genocide

Struggle in front of the Canadian Embassy in Washington. Canada is the second country after the United States to label Xinjiang’s situation as genocidal.Image REUTERS

In the resolution, parliament also called on the International Olympic Committee to remove the 2022 Winter Games from China if Beijing does not change its behavior. According to lawmakers, sports relocation prevents athletes from being harmed by participating in ‘shameful sports’. Opposition parties call it the 2022 Winter Games.

The motion, filed by the Canadian opposition, passed by a margin of 266 votes to zero. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet members voted in favor, but dozens of MPs from the ruling Liberal Party voted in favor. Canada is the second country after the United States to classify Xinjiang’s situation as genocidal.

According to UN experts, at least one million Uyghurs and members of other minorities are in re-education camps in Xinjiang, a region traditionally inhabited by an Uyghur minority in western China. There, according to eyewitnesses and leaked government documents, they were subjected to forced labor, torture and forced contraception.

‘Vocational Training Centers’

The Chinese government says these are “vocational training centers” designed to combat terrorism and terrorism, and deny allegations of human rights abuses. The Chinese embassy in Ottawa called the Canadian proposal “anti-Chinese parody”, accusing Canadian lawmakers of hypocrisy and shamelessness.

“It is time for Canada to examine its own conscience and question itself about ‘genocide’ and to reflect deeply on the tragic history of its indigenous people,” a consular statement said. “How arrogant and short-sighted they are telling China what to do in the 21st century.”

Earlier, in his last working day, former US President Donald Trump called China’s behavior in Xinjiang “genocide and crimes against humanity.” President Joe Biden’s staff have indicated they want to keep the name.

Mass murder

Genocide is equivalent to mass murder in the current definition. There are no signs of such a situation in Xinjiang. But the UN. Under the Convention on Genocide, genocide may involve activities such as forced contraception or separation of children from their parents with the intent of “destroying all or part of a national, ethnic, ethnic or religious group.”

Research shows that in recent years many Uighur women have been forcibly fitted, sterilized or have had an abortion. Penalties for children outside the birth quota have also tripled. In two parts of southern Xinjiang, Hodan and Kashgar, the birth rate fell by 60 percent.

The relationship between Canada and China has long been characterized by diplomatic tensions. China has detained two Canadian citizens for more than two years in retaliation for the arrest in Canada of Meng Wanshou, the head of the Chinese telecommunications company Hawaii. The Canadian opposition hopes that Prime Minister Trudeau will take a tough stand against Beijing.

The movement is pushing the Canadian government to impose import bans on products from Xinjiang or to impose sanctions on Chinese politicians. A government official told the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail The Trudeau administration will not take any action to implement the Genocide movement until it has the support of the United States and other Western democracies.

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