After 153 menus, Rens has reached a new limit for french fries: 'It's much higher than expected'

After 153 menus, Rens has reached a new limit for french fries: 'It's much higher than expected'

Cleaninga freelance journalist from Tilburg and an “emotional French fries”, She took her time To examine 153 listings of Dutch cafeterias and snack bars. Menus containing French fries received a red point, and French fries and French fries received a green point.

Our pressing question: Why? “It's one of the cultural discussions that interests the Netherlands the most,” Reins tells RTL News, laughing. “Everyone has a strong opinion about it. So it's interesting to look at.”

Above and below rivers

Before René started with the map, he had an idea of ​​what the borders would look like. “I knew the border had to be somewhere in the middle. I had in mind that it would be exactly on the border of Brabant or the Waal River, which is a kind of natural separation. Above the Fries River, below the Fries River, but that's not true.”

Because Rennes' tour shows that the boundaries between french fries and French fries are much more fluid. It does not follow the course of the river or the governorate boundaries. The line meanders back and forth, sometimes taking a real turn. Quite surprisingly according to Reins: French fries are spoken almost as far as the borders of the province of Utrecht. “So it is much higher than expected.”

Naturally, Brabant and Limburg are entirely in the chip zone. In those counties a single red potato cake does not shine. On the contrary, yes. Because there on the map, all the way to the north, it's green. “Groningen is like a chip zone in a chip zone,” Renz concludes.

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However, some snack bars cannot be included in the Rennes menu. “Then the menu had fries and soup, and the description said a portion of fries. Then it gets very difficult. Then it becomes a snack bar with an identity problem.”

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