AD: After Derksen and Gijp, Genee also agreed to Talpa's new three-person contract

AD: After Derksen and Gijp, Genee also agreed to Talpa’s new three-person contract

Johan Dirksen, René van der Geep and Wilfried Jenny will definitely continue at Talpa, reports Algemeen Dagblad. The Veronica Inside trio’s contract will expire after this season, but she will start working on a new daily show starting in January, it seems.

The 72-year-old Dirksen – who has previously stated he was working in his final season – will sign for two seasons, according to AD, just as Van der Gibe and Jenny are. That the three make a daily program, It was in the air for a long time. In the meantime, the latest tweaks have been settled: According to AD, Dereksen and van der Gigbe have already agreed at an early stage and Jenny is now dealing too.

John de Mol chose the Talpa trio CEO in 2018 RTL And I wanted to keep it at any cost. “The three of you will do this daily program or the plug will be pulled‘, as reported by AD. Even earlier conversations about a daily program came to nothing, disappointing Dirksen. However, during the summer months, he was still shown on TV seven days a week with Jenny and van der Geep: summer orange He seems to like her so much that there is now a daily alternative for her Veronica is inside It will cover more than just football.

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