According to Hoekstra, Europe is "hardly able to defend the continent"

According to Hoekstra, Europe is “hardly able to defend the continent”

This is what Wopke Hoekstra, the foreign minister since this month, told Beau last night. According to Hoekstra, the EU still has a lot of work to do in geopolitical terms.

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Hoekstra also sees continued dependence on Russian gas as a “bad seller”. He believes that Europe has not done much about it in the past 10 years. “You have to be honest about that. We wasted a lot of time on that.”

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If Russia invades Ukraine and then faces sanctions, it is reasonable for Russia to invade Ukraine Closes the gas tap for Europe. The European Union must be prepared for this. When it comes down to it, Hoekstra hopes to get help from the United States, for example. He had in mind that this would only become a problem after a number of “whether-than-feasible scenarios”.

Last week, Hoekstra said he had good consultations with colleagues in Brussels about how the European Union would respond if Russia invaded Ukraine.

Strong Punishment Package

Among other things, there was talk of an “extremely strong” sanctions package in the event of an invasion. Hoekstra hopes the dispute can be resolved diplomatically. “But you have to be clear: If the aggression continues, it will have dire consequences.”

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