A fight within the Le Pen family in the run-up to the French elections |  abroad

A fight within the Le Pen family in the run-up to the French elections | abroad

Former MP Marechal told Le Parisien newspaper that she had not yet decided who she would support in the April elections. She does not rule out joining the far-right Eric Zemmour. And it turned out to be a rival to Aunt Bahri, the leader of the right-wing National Rally party.

Le Pen reacted with dismay at the interview. She admitted to CNews that she was having a personal difficulty with her niece’s very conservative stance. It is very popular in some right-wing circles and could give new impetus to the Zemmour campaign.

Opinion polls show that Le Pen now appears to have a better chance of reaching the second round of the presidential election. There she may have to confront current President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron has not yet said whether he will run again, although his party has already set up a website: Avecvous2022.fr. Interviews can be found with French citizens, such as the teacher and the farmer. According to the party, the site should make it clear that citizens’ concerns are central to the campaign. Macron was not mentioned by name.

According to opinion polls, the incumbent president will receive about a quarter of the votes in the first round of elections. He could then face centre-right Valérie Pécresse or Le Pen in the second round.

The leader of the National Assembly had had to deal with family disputes before. She assumed leadership of the party from her father, Jean-Marie in 2011, whom she expelled from the party a few years later. Then it was called the National Front. Marine Le Pen wanted to take a more moderate course from her father.

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