ABC Islands braces for Storm Bonnie: 'Curfew' from 11am, flights moved |  Abroad

ABC Islands braces for Storm Bonnie: ‘Curfew’ from 11am, flights moved | Abroad

The ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao brace for Tropical Storm Bonnie. There is a curfew in Curaçao from 11am local time and Aruba is preparing hospitals. KLM has transferred two flights to the islands.

The curfew had previously been imposed at 4 p.m. due to the approach of a tropical storm, but Prime Minister Gilmar ‘Beck’ Bisas announced during a hastily determined press conference that Curaçao would sooner have to deal with heavy rain and strong winds. After 11 am, you are no longer allowed to go outside. Government offices were closed throughout Wednesday.

The peak of the tropical storm is expected in Curaçao between 7 and 9 p.m. (local time) and will also cross Bonaire and Aruba. A storm warning has been issued for the ABC Islands and code red is in effect. Bonnie will pass south of the ABC Islands, according to the Meteorological Services.

Actions have also been taken on the other two islands. The Aruba government will send all officials home on Wednesday afternoon. They are free the rest of the day and Thursday. Schools are not allowed to open on Thursdays and Fridays. Hospitals on the islands are put on standby, which means, among other things, the transfer of non-emergency operations and appointments.

Flights have been moved

Two of the KLM flights scheduled for Wednesday have been moved to the ABC Islands due to Bonnie. A flight to Curaçao was postponed to Thursday morning. Another flight to Bonaire via Aruba has been postponed until further notice. A new date will be set only when it is clear when the plane can safely land on the Caribbean islands.

TUI indicated earlier that it does not expect any problems for flights to Curaçao and Bonaire. These two planes, which were scheduled a little earlier than KLM flights, departed with minor delays. For Thursday, both TUI and KLM will monitor the situation.

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