Trump found no weapons with his supporters around the Capitol storming trouble

Trump found no weapons with his supporters around the Capitol storming trouble

Cassidy Hutchinson, the former aide, told the House committee investigating the matter that when Trump heard about the guns, he didn’t mind. Trump brushed those concerns aside. As far as he was concerned, the crowd could only walk to the Capitol.

“This is shocking new detail in credible testimony from someone who was close to the Oval Office,” says US reporter Eric Motan. “It complements the image of a president who did nothing or fueled the fire at the crucial moments in the lead up to the storming of the Capitol.”

According to Hutchinson, Trump was furious that the grass in front of the podium was fairly empty that day. He told his staff that security needs to be lifted so more people can come to the Capitol.

“They are not here to hurt me,” Trump said. “He could also have advocated nonviolence, but he didn’t,” says Mathan.

Trump also grabbed the wheel of the limousine he was driving from the back seat, and assaulted a Secret Service officer when he was being taken to the White House instead of the Capitol for his own safety. “I’m the damned president, take me to the Capitol,” he was said to have cried.

After losing the presidential election, he threw a plate of hamburger against the wall after the justice minister said there was no electoral fraud. Today, she said, Hutchinson helped wipe the ketchup off the wall.

“It shows a picture of a very confused and emotional person physically attacking the people who are supposed to protect him. I find that shocking,” says Mathan. “It’s different whether you read this in the newspaper or if you hear it during a hearing of an important witness like this Republican.”

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The Parliamentary Committee will eventually issue a recommendation to the Public Prosecution Office. Justice is being sought as to whether Trump should be prosecuted for storming the Capitol.

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