Zwerversproblematiek in Paramaribo

A sustainable solution to the homeless problem remains a priority in the capital

District Commissioner (DC) Ricardo Bhola stresses that the homeless problem has been a challenge and a priority since taking office. The capital cited this because of an announcement from the Suriname Police Force (KPS) regarding the ban on the delivery of food and other gifts to homeless people.

Efforts have been made to structurally solve this problem. The mayor brought relevant stakeholders together and set up a platform to find appropriate solutions. However, progress is slow, given the complexity of this problem. However, work continues in this area. There is a good relationship with NGOs and other relevant stakeholders.

The police indicated that this decision was taken to ensure public safety. The KPS, through its spokesperson, indicated that discussions will be held with relevant stakeholders. The supervisory board says it was not included in the KPS decision. However, the Office of the Commissioner will continue to engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including the police, and will announce further steps along the way.

Finally, DC Bhola states that a sustainable solution to these long-term problems is best. All steps towards that are welcome. “The joint improvement and sustainable development of Paramaribo are fundamental to the policy of the Northeast Paramaribo Commission,” Bhola District Commissioner told Citizen Information Center (BIC) Paramaribo Northeast.

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