A reward for the British who take Ukrainian refugees home |  Abroad

A reward for the British who take Ukrainian refugees home | Abroad

In order to qualify for the bonus, Brits must offer Ukrainian shelter for at least six months and not be allowed to solicit rent in return. In addition, they must be able to prove that the residency they provide meets certain requirements and the government can check if they have a criminal record.


The British government has come under fire in recent weeks for its handling of the country’s refugee crisis. For example, Ukrainian refugees have had to wait a long time before receiving assistance due to the bureaucratic red tape surrounding the visa process.

Only Ukrainians are allowed to enter the UK on a visa. They can get this if they have a family or something called a sponsor in the state. To speed up the processing of applications, since Thursday only Ukrainians who do not have a passport have to go to a special visa office. Refugees who hold passports can now submit their applications online.

With the Homes for Ukraine scheme, Ukrainians who do not know anyone in Britain can still be assigned a sponsor, allowing them to remain in the country. The UK government expects the plan to take up to three years.

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