The Rusty Punk is back: the world's tallest car is now the longest |  car

The Rusty Punk is back: the world’s tallest car is now the longest | car

The longest car in the world is 30.5 meters long. Or in fact: it was 30.5 meters long, because after this limousine was named in 1990 in Guinness Book of Records, the model fell into complete disrepair. Now the car is fully restored and longer than ever.

The limousine was built in 1990 by famous auto tuner Jay Orberg, according to the Motor1 website, and was based on a 1976 Cadillac El Dorado. The car was dubbed the “American Dream” and was officially named the world’s longest car, according to the report. Engine 1.

Diving board and helipad

The huge Cadillac limousine had a movable center section, in which the second driver had to sit, so that he could turn. The front-wheel drive car was also equipped with two engines. Among the many unique features of the original Ohrberg design are a golf course, hot tub, pool with diving board, and helipad.

Completely in poor condition

After the car was declared the longest car in the world, the model fell into disrepair. Autoseum, a leather technical museum in New York, was supposed to return the car to its original glory, but that never happened. Last year, the wreck reached the hands of Mike Dezer, owner of the Dezerland Park Auto Museum in Florida, via an ad on eBay. In August 2019 the restoration began.

The car turned out to be very neglected and very worn out, but now, three years later and after more than 250 thousand dollars have passed, the car is completely restored. “We had to buy some parts because they were destroyed,” Manning said. Several Cadillac El Dorado cars were used as donors.

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I grew four centimeters

During the restoration, the limousine was stretched by four centimeters, bringing the total length to 30,538 meters, which made the car Record the longest car in the world broke again. This limousine will not be seen very often driving, but it will mainly be part of the collection of unique and classic cars from Detterland Park Automobile Museum.

Watch the cars and navigation videos below:

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