A new type of corona virus discovered in Limburg |  1 Limburg

A new type of corona virus discovered in Limburg | 1 Limburg

A new type of Coronavirus has appeared in northern Limburg. This mutation is a concern because the vaccination may not work well with this variant.

This variant also appears to be more contagious than the original coronavirus. Stating that National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM).

This variant, labeled B.1.525, was detected during spores monitoring for RIVM in the GGD area of ​​Limburg-Noord. A spokesperson for GGD Limburg-Noord can’t say much about the emergence of this new type of aura. “This research was conducted on a random sample basis. So we are now working with RIVM to investigate how often it actually occurs. We are looking for more samples to do that.”

In addition, a search for the source is performed and a connection is made to find out if this specific variable has spread.

This last halo variant has already been found in at least fifteen countries. It was first reported in Denmark.

It appears that in this variant, the so-called spike protein has been altered in such a way that the spines of the virus cling better to human cells. The mutation that causes this is referred to as E484K. This particular mutation was previously identified in the South African and Brazilian variants and is a concern.

Because of this mutation, the immune system formed after a previous vaccination or infection may not function well. The virus also appears to attach more easily to the body’s cells. This makes this variant potentially more contagious.

In addition to the E484K mutation, another characteristic mutation can be found in variant B.1.525 (F888L).

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