A new edition of AmstelveenZ Magazine is out!

A new edition of AmstelveenZ Magazine is out!

Amstelveen – The latest summer edition of AmstelveenZ magazine is out and is now being distributed in and around Amstelveen. On the front page are actresses Kim Peters, On the Way Tomorrow, Julia’s Tango and We Are De Mole?

There are many beautiful sports stories in this edition. For example, there is attention to the AED in sports clubs and footballer Julian talks about how it saved his life. Basketball player Jor Van Beek talks about his basketball adventure in America and during our interview he was faced with a choice: will he go back to America or choose the Premier League at MBCA?

As the summer holidays approach, we’re also focusing on fun events in July and August, and sharing books by Amstelveen authors that haven’t made it onto the bookshelf. On the back of the magazine you will find a summer puzzle.

There are also various essayists: Andre Gerritsen, Geertje Visser and Meyer. Additionally, various companies introduce themselves: Arc of Beauty, Trek Cycles and Uplift Sports are reviewed. Do you want to contribute to society? Read our story about foster families and meet three families who open their doors to children in need.

Enjoy reading and enjoy the summer!

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