A girl (2) throws her father's money out of the car and causes a series of accidents |  the cars

A girl (2) throws her father’s money out of the car and causes a series of accidents | the cars

As a two-year-old girl threw paper money out of an open car window, there were several collisions last week on a B471 near the German town of Emmering.

A website reported that the two-year-old was playing with a plastic bag in the car while driving, while her father was behind the wheel of his car. 24Auto.de. According to the police, this contained a “reasonably large amount of money” in small denominations. Moments later, the daughter threw the plastic bag containing a large amount of money out the window.

waving banknotes

Then the father stopped the car and ran on the B471 near Emmering to collect the bills that went off. According to the police, the oncoming driver had to brake because the man ran across the road. The vehicle behind was unable to stop in time and collided with the vehicle in front. This was followed by several collisions in which a woman was slightly injured by an airbag explosion. The material damage amounted to about 15,000 euros, according to the police.

“Don’t go look”

According to the police, the man managed to recover most of the banknotes. However, in the evening appeared a female motorist from Munich who found a ten-euro banknote on the windshield of the car. According to a police spokesperson, there is no point looking for money along the B471. The total amount of funds involved has not been disclosed.

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