A French journalist fights for his life after an attack on a youth gang and the arrest of (21) suspects |  Abroad

A French journalist fights for his life after an attack on a youth gang and the arrest of (21) suspects | Abroad

The victim is correspondent Christian Lanteno, 65, of a local newspaper Union – LardineCurrently, he is in a coma at Reims University Hospital. He will still fight for his life. The journalist traveled with a colleague to the residential area of ​​Croix-Rouge (about 25,000 people) last Saturday, due to reports of “severe tensions” between different groups, according to the International Organization for Freedom of the Press. Reporters Without Borders. It is a residential area with a high crime rate, according to the police.

The prosecution assumes that the French journalist was targeted because he identified himself as a journalist and tried to take pictures of the unrest. “Soon, he was noticed by part of the youth group,” explains Officer Matteo Porritt. Then the first person rushed to him. Lantenois ran out of time to ride his car, which was about three feet away.

A 21-year-old man is suspected of punching the photographer with his fist. Then he took his camera, removed the memory card and used the thing as a weapon. The photographer was beaten in the face until he lost consciousness. according to BBC He suffered severe head injuries and was bleeding from his ears. OM announced at a press conference that the attack, which was “violent as it was surprising,” would have lasted less than a minute.

Freedom of the Press Organization Reporters Without Borders The attack is a serious violation of freedom of the press. His colleagues at the newspaper are dumbfounded. Christian loves his job. “He is a very active boy, always ready to report on the various demonstrations,” says colleague and friend Sebastien Lacroix. “He is a 65-year-old teddy bear, strong and friendly man,” describes photojournalist Matthew Levorell, 40.

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The main suspect, a 21-year-old man of Algerian nationality, turned out to be a police acquaintance. He was already convicted of eight criminal offenses between 2018 and 2019. The public prosecutor called on the court not to release him at all, due to the risk of escape. The man is said to have a residence permit in Spain. He has lived with his family in Reims for about three years.

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