# 76 Shadow Leader |  PNR News Radio

# 76 Shadow Leader | PNR News Radio

While Joe Biden is in charge of the White House, Mar-e-Lago is the shadow president of the United States. After a period of relative silence, Donald Trump makes himself heard again. After all, in his press releases, tweets are no longer possible, and he continues to make his unsubstantiated claims about election fraud.

# 76 Shadow Leader



He also plans to take revenge. Critical Republicans face Trump. Thus, the former president has a firm grip on his own party. Some Republicans believe the party cannot do without Trump.

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To vote

Meanwhile, in Arizona, bamboo votes are being checked. This will prove that the notes are actually from Asia. Eleventh check of votes in Marigopa County is primarily a way of creating further unrest over the election results. It seems to be working, and a lot of Republican voters still believe the election was unfair.

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