7 tips for flirting with self-confidence and success

7 tips for flirting with self-confidence and success

What flirting does and doesn't work has been well-researched by psychologists for years. Here are 7 tips From psychologists To flirt with more confidence and success:
  1. Be clear, not precise Research shows that subtle flirtation attempts are often missed. So be more direct and clear in your flirting behavior.
  2. Use body language An open, relaxed position (arms out instead of crossed) makes you more attractive and dominant.
  3. Show your funny side Both men and women find it attractive when the other appreciates their jokes and laughs at them.
  4. Give praise Men score better if they offer compliments during flirtation.
  5. Make eye contact and smile For women, the specific look – head slightly tilted with a small smile – is perceived as flirty by 77% of men.
  6. Be a good listener Show genuine interest by making eye contact, asking questions, and nodding during the conversation. This makes you more attractive.
  7. Start small and build Set yourself small challenges like making eye contact, smiling, and greeting before you start flirting. This is how you build self-confidence.
What is flirting and what is its purpose?

Flirting is a form of nonverbal and verbal communication that allows you to show sexual interest or attraction to another person. This can include subtle cues, such as eye contact, touching or compliments, but also more direct methods, such as asking for her phone number or asking her out on a date.

Flirting can be used in different ways:

  • Finding a new partner: In this case, the goal is to interest the other person and build a romantic relationship.
  • To enhance an existing relationship: Flirting can also be a way to maintain excitement and fun in a relationship.
  • To boost your self-confidence: Flirting can be a fun way to boost your self-confidence and feel more attractive.
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