7 new features coming to Android this fall

7 new features coming to Android this fall

This fall, Google will add seven new features to Android. The good news is that it will be available on almost all smartphones. We guide you through the new features.

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These new features will be available in Android soon

Google will bring soon Android 12 Outside, the latest version of the operating system. Apart from that, the company also comes with seven New features Available even for smartphones running an older version of Android. It will be released on its own over the next few days and weeks.

1. Control your phone with your face

“Project Activate” is for people with speech problems. By dragging a specific face or moving your eyes, you can perform predefined actions. Consider turning on the sound. Camera Switches turns the front camera into a control panel. You can navigate through menus and apps by moving your eyes from left to right or from top to bottom.

2. Control your TV with your phone

Does your TV work on Google TV? Then you will soon be able to use your smartphone as a remote control. Turn on the TV, browse movie listings, or use your phone’s keyboard to search for something.

3. Easy access to reminders

with the Google Assistant Is it so easy Set remindersSo you don’t forget the important things. The new update makes it easy to keep track of them all. Just say “Hey Google, open my Reminders” and you’ll see the entire list.

4. Lock photos with a password

employment Google Pixelphones, it has been possible for some time to lock certain photos with a password. This is now also possible on smartphones of other brands, as long as they are running Android 6 or later. Do you have sensitive photos on your device? Then put them in a special folder. This is not how you see them if you (or a friend) are just browsing your photos.

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5. New stickers for Gboard

Do you like stickers? Good news: Google is adding 1,500 new copies to Gboard. This gives you more opportunities to express yourself. It also makes it easy to copy and paste links. You get the option to delete the text that you don’t want to share easily.

6. Major Update for Android Auto

Google brings a lot of new features to Android Auto. When you say “Hey Google, let’s drive,” the Control Panel will open automatically. Say “Hey Google, turn on autoplay” and the system will read all new messages for you. You can also reply to them directly with your voice. In addition, you can play games via GameSnacks when your car is stationary. Also a navigation app wizz For Android it will receive a major update with night mode, among others.

New Android Features

7. Search!

Are you one of those people who is always on their smartphone when you’re walking around? Heads Up is a feature that reminds you to search so you don’t bump into others. This feature was already available for Pixel phones, but it is now available for all smartphones running Android 9 or later.

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