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But Blizzard knows fans keep pre-arranging and by the time their next match comes out they’ll have long forgotten about the ups and downs of one…

Well, I can’t help but agree with you, but on the other hand, I have to admit that this is the first time in my life that a Diablo isn’t an instant purchase for me.

I played D1 in gray, I’m still playing D2 (I have to complete this holy grail in single player :)), I played D3 for a while after launch, I wasn’t entirely happy with what it was like, and I haven’t played it for two years RoS came out and the loot system improved…..then played a really long time but got bored, so it’s back to D2, and I never got bored.

But, as nice as I think the look of the D2R is, I didn’t pre-order it, and didn’t buy it on launch day, I’ll have to wait a while… For me, the D2R is nothing more than a great graphical upgrade for a game I’m still playing and I don’t have a problem with the outdated graphics time.

I’m sure I’ll buy a D2R eventually, because it looks really nice, but this can wait a long time as far as I’m concerned, after all I’ve been playing the original for over 20 years :)

But that first day of releasing crap with the D3 is still burning in my memory as it was yesterday….that was the day I saw my unconditional love for Blizzard games vanish like snow in the sun…..unfortunately a cold a blizzard won’t let Freeze it enough to come back.

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