'480 Afghans still await evacuation to Holland', a year after the fall of Kabul

‘480 Afghans still await evacuation to Holland’, a year after the fall of Kabul

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One year after the fall of Kabul, 480 people are still waiting to be evacuated to the Netherlands. This is evident from the data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports devotion.

These people worked for the Dutch government, for example as interpreters or security guards. They are in Afghanistan or a neighboring country and are often in dangerous conditions. The Taliban has returned to power in Afghanistan since August 15, 2021.

Cabinet wants to move all Afghans left behind to the Netherlands by September at the latest, Minister Hoekstra (Foreign Affairs) wrote to Parliament last month. The speaker cannot tell Trou whether this deadline will be met.


Last Friday another group of 184 people from Afghanistan to After a chartered flight from Pakistan. The ministry said that a total of just under 700 people were brought from Afghanistan to the Netherlands on such charters with the help of the Pakistani authorities.

Between August 26, 2021 and July 1 this year, 1,801 people were transferred from Afghanistan to the Netherlands, Hoekstra wrote to the House of Representatives last month.

A year after the Taliban seized power, there is little left of the Dutch legacy in Uruzgan:

A year after Taliban rule: What remains of the Dutch heritage in Uruzgan?

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