15,000 motorcyclists visit seriously ill boy (6) / News

About 15,000 motorcyclists in Lower Saxony fulfilled the biggest wish of a terminally ill six-year-old who visited him after a rally in Rhauderfehn. Under the slogan “Crash for Killian”, family friends called for this action on social media. Near the family house should pass as many motorcycles as possible, which will bring happiness to the boy. This work was supported by civil servants, municipal workers, firefighters and the Red Cross.

Many spectators lined the road and greeted the participants with applause. Work finished less than three hours later. Close to the town in the eastern town of Leer, there were sometimes major traffic problems. Despite the rear-end collision with four motorbikes, in which a driver was injured, the police praised the discipline and thoughtfulness of all those involved.

According to the “Ostfriesen-Zeitung”, participants from Denmark had to travel several hundred kilometers to do this empathic act. According to one of the organizers, the boy followed the scene curiously in front of his house, the newspaper reported. “I met Killian next. He can’t put a smile on his face.The newspaper quoted the organizer and friend of the family.

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