Search completed for victims of Miami apartment building collapse

Search completed for victims of Miami apartment building collapse

Firefighters have completed their search for victims of an apartment building collapse in Miami. Over the past month, emergency services have carried out rescue operations, removing rubble while searching for bodies. These ruins are now stored in a warehouse in the city, where the building can no longer be found. A woman is still missing, and her body has not yet been identified. Furthermore, all 97 dead people have been identified in writing American media Friday.

Hopes of finding survivors have long been abandoned. It was only in the first hours after the disaster in Miami’s Surfside neighborhood that the living were rescued from the rubble. The city of Florida received assistance from several states and had to remove more than 14,000 tons of debris. Thanks to the fire department Friday All saviors for their efforts. The mayor of Miami-Dade County, which includes the city of Miami, called the workers “superheroes.”

The Surfside apartment complex collapsed on June 24. after, after The number of days It turns out that safety hazards were already identified in the building in 2018. For example, one researcher showed, among other things, that the concrete was in poor condition. There were also holes and cracks in the parking garage posts below the building. It would have cost $10 million to fix it.

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